Why Book a Residential Drone Building Inspection?

Not all roofs are well-maintained and not all have safe access. So what’s the best way to check them? It’s with a drone. Drone building inspections are beneficial because they:

  • Identify defects that would otherwise go unseen.
  • Prevent unsafe, unprotected roof inspections on foot.
  • Save home buyers money by detecting defects before they happen.
  • Help buyers make educated decisions about purchasing a property for investment or sale.

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive.

We have identified the need to add drone building inspections to our list of services because we want to cover all bases for our customers, leaving no stone unturned. This innovative technology provides a comprehensive and user-friendly building inspection that would otherwise be impossible without access to the roof.

Inspect your roof with safety in mind.

We inspect your roof without risk—from the ground or a drone! Safety is crucial, and with a drone, we can provide a safer way to identify roof defects that would otherwise go unseen by an inspector on foot. Find out more about how you can protect your investments and make educated decisions today.

residential drone building inspection

Uncover the unseen.

Our DJI Mavic Air 2 drone provides high-quality imagery by zooming in on specific areas of a building and roof during a building inspection, therefore, this high-quality imagery allows us to see defects on an otherwise inaccessible roof.  A drone roof inspection in Brisbane means you’re making an informed purchase decision, and you’re ensuring your investment is safe, particularly for the next Brisbane storm.

Homebuyers and sellers can be confident in the building inspection.

Homebuyers and sellers can be confident in their next building inspection with Safeguard Inspections. Our drone inspections can identify roof defects that may have otherwise gone unseen because we cannot access the roof safely. With a drone, we can inspect the home’s exterior for any other potential defects like structural issues, that are better identified at height.

Get your next home inspection done today!

DJI Mavic Air 2 drone building inspection

Which drone do we use?

We use a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone and own a drone pilot’s license. It is compact, and we love it for its power, portability and advanced features. The excellent image quality and intelligent shooting functions of the Mavic Air 2 drone allow us to inspect from heights with unparalleled detail and more safely and smartly. The 48MP camera can discover even the slightest defect thanks to its high megapixel count which allows for vivid details even when you zoom in on an image.

CASA licensed

Our drone pilot has a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). Licensing is completed through accredited training courses and is controlled through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority or CASA, operated by the Australian government.

A drone building inspection is a smart and safe way to carry out roof inspections in Brisbane. Call Safeguard Inspections to arrange your inspection with a drone today!