What Does a Building Inspector Check?

Buying a new home can be incredibly exciting but it’s a huge investment.  On a practical level, you need to ensure that the investment is a sound one by having a pre-purchase property inspection.  So, what does a building inspector check?

You’ve walked through the house and it looks fantastic, so why on earth would you need a building and pest inspection?  Put simply: an independent building inspector has trained eyes that see things that you can’t.  This goes for houses and apartments of all ages.  Having a Brisbane building inspector like Safeguard keeps the builders honest and the homeowner safe from purchasing either a money pit or a death trap.

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A professional building and pest inspection includes:

  • Checking everywhere – interior and exterior of the home, roof space, under the floor space, roof exterior, and other structures on site including fencing and sheds.
  • Structural Issues – this is the main focus of the inspection. The building inspector can do an in depth check of the house’s structural integrity, advise whether it meets the Building Codes and Standards of Australia,  and the how difficult each structural issue is to repair.
  • Necessary Repairs – the building inspector can advise on many non-structural critical repairs that will be required as well, arming you with the information you need to get quotes from tradies and determine whether your potential new home is a dream or a money pit – the little things add up!
  • Safety Issues – the building inspector will check for things like damaged electrical wiring, dangerous materials such as asbestos, and other hazards to ensure you’re not moving into a death trap!
  • Pests – a building inspector can give you a heads up on hidden damage like termite invasion of the house’s frame or rodent damage to electrical wiring.

The inspector will provide a building and pest report detailing their finds, but you need to be aware that it won’t necessarily include everything. Check out our services page to see what is included.

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Services not guaranteed to be included in all building inspections:

  • Anything that cannot be accessed by the inspector
  • Footings
  • Electrical testing and appliance checks
  • Plumbing, drainage and gas fitting
  • Aesthetic issues and minor defects such as damaged carpets and paint
  • Full pest inspections, unless specifically stated as included
  • Cost estimates

Checks of these items require a specialised tradesman such as an electrician, pest control expert, and plumber.  A building inspector can advise when something is outside their area of expertise.

Whilst cost estimates are not provided, the report provides you with the information you need to be able to approach a suitable tradesman for quotes.

Sound like what you need? Contact Us to arrange a thorough building and pest inspection.

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