Why Broken Roof Tiles Are Riskier Than You Think

You might not think to give your roof tiles much thought, but checking for broken roof tiles after events such as a severe storm or impact is incredibly important to the wellbeing of your home.

There are a few leading causes of damaged roof tiles that it’s important to be aware of:

  • Severe weather – excessively strong winds can lift and remove tiles;
  • Impact – this can be things like a tree in a severe storm, the dropping of a heavy tool or even misplaced footing when walking on the roof;
  • Untreated tiles – if your tiles aren’t properly treated and sealed, moisture is going to make a mess of them;
  • Age – older homes like Queenslanders and post war homes may have tiles that have weakened with age.
Brisbane storm

Okay, so we have that bit figured out – but why are broken roof tiles riskier than you think?

Roof Leaks

The first issue that will come to mind for most people is leaks.  The tiles on your roof are there for a reason – to shelter your family and assets from the weather. So, is one little damaged roof tile that bad?  Well, you’d be surprised!

With water being the tricky devil it is, there doesn’t need to be much of a crack for it to seep through and cause water damage in your home.  In fact, a tiny crack in a tile is all the water needs to get into the tile itself and weaken it completely with moisture, leaving your home open to more intensive damage the next time it rains.

Serious Safety Concerns

Once a tile becomes damaged or loose, it’s a safety risk to anybody who goes onto the roof to do things such as cleaning out the gutters and skylights.

That loose or damaged tile becomes a slipping or tripping hazard and can result in a trip to the hospital, or worse.


Yes, there are older homes out there with asbestos insulation still in them. Asbestos, as most are aware, is an incredibly dangerous substance.  Broken and loose roof tiles can result in asbestos exposure and the potential for serious health repercussions.

Electrical Faults

Water and electricity don’t mix!  A tiny crack in a roof tile is all it can take for the water to get into your home and all its electrical wiring.  It’s a deadly combo, don’t risk it.

So what can I do to fix the situation?

  1. Regularly check your roof for damaged tiles as a preventative measure by following our roof maintenance tips;
  2. If you’re not confident on the roof, have a professional building inspector take a look for you;
  3. Contact a roofer as a matter of urgency and have the issue fixed
  4. Consider the option of re-roofing, if your budget allows – colourbond sheeting is a lower maintenance roofing option.

Don’t risk your family or your biggest asset, your home, by assuming broken roof tiles aren’t a big deal. 

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