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You're forgiven if you’ve always seen a building and pest inspection in Brisbane as yet another formality to tick off the list when buying or renovating a property; you haven’t hurt our feelings. But, it could hurt yours when you engage a building and pest inspector purely based on price to inspect one of the most significant investments of your life. There is so much more to a Brisbane building inspection than a tick and flick form, and so much more you could gain, too. 

When you engage Safeguard Inspections to do your pre purchase inspections, combined building and pest, Brisbane dilapidation reports, and handover inspections, you’re gaining not only peace of mind but that bit of extra power. Thanks to a well-informed building inspection report, you have the upper hand during pre-purchase negotiations, renovation or new build handovers. Plus, take comfort in knowing that you escaped thousands of dollars worth of problems thanks to our foe, the dreaded termites of Brisbane, or dodgy DIY work.

Otherwise… well, you get what you paid for at handover stage.

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For honest and professional building and pest, Brisbane uses Safeguard Inspections.

How can Safeguard Inspections have such an impression on your buying and renovating experience? 

At Safeguard Inspections:

  • We are not just any builder turned Brisbane building and pest inspection business; we have 25+ years of experience in the building industry – commercial and residential.
  • We allocate sufficient time for all of our work and don’t rush inspections to ensure a thorough job. 
  • We want you to follow us around and ask questions. We are transparent and aim to explain everything. 
  • We are Brisbane Bayside locals; we know the properties and the common problems they face. 
  • We won’t make you wait anxiously. We guarantee emailed written reports within 24hours.
  • We use the latest thermal imaging and moisture sensing technology for a thorough inspection.
  • We are a fully insured building inspector for peace of mind. 
  • We are fully licensed – QBCC # 15115074
  • We are a family-owned and operated company dedicated to exceptional customer service. 
  • We have plenty of customers happy with our service!

“Ben was absolutely awesome..... highly recommend. Would not hesitate to use Ben again......his knowledge and professionalism was 1st class.” – Jason Duncombe

“I highly recommend Ben Paterson to anyone needing a pre-purchase building & pest inspection. We needed one on short notice for a property we were assessing to buy & Ben was extremely helpful. The report was highly objective and his commentary was easy to understand which helped us make an informed decision. Thanks again Ben!” – Benjamin Somerville

If you want a building and pest inspector who is really looking out for you, then Ben is your guy. He is straight-down-the-line to deal with, and picked up defects that others would have missed. Ben is a tradie with ethics. Thanks so much for your help.”  – Deborah Blakley

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In a nutshell, we want our customers to feel confident and enjoy buying, building or renovating, instead of regretting it. By engaging us to complete one of our building inspections, you'll gain the knowledge you need to make the best choice on a property. Remember, knowledge is power!  

For building and pest inspection Brisbane Bayside, give Ben a call on 0410534472 or email us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I engage Safeguard Inspections?

Safeguard Inspections are 5-star rated for Brisbane building and pest inspections, check out our Google reviews. Not only that, we have 25+ years of experience in the building industry, and we won't keep you waiting for your building inspection report. We're genuinely here to help you make an informed decision on your property, whether that be a handover inspection in Brisbane for a new build or renovation or a pre-purchase building and pest inspection.

How much does a pre-purchase inspection cost?

It's a common question, the building and pest inspection cost. A quick answer is that each house is assessed individually, but as a guide, a townhouse or unit is $399, a standard size house is $499, and a large house is $599. Your best bet is to give us a call to discuss your specifics and to get a more accurate idea.

How can a pre-purchase inspection save me money? 

Whether it be a pre-purchase inspection or a handover inspection, one of the main benefits of both of these is that inspection findings can give you negotiation power and the power to make an informed decision. If defects are found during a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, this may give you the ability to negotiate the price of the property to account for the defect.

On the other hand, the discovery of a defect may deter you from making the purchase, saving you thousands in the long run when the defect starts to cause problems. Similar to a pre-handover inspection, you don't want to hand over your final payment when you're not getting what you paid for. And you certainly don't want to hand over your final payment when there are hidden defects that will crop up their ugly heads AFTER the warranty period expires.

How do I receive my reports? 

Your completed property inspection report will be emailed to you.

How long do I have to wait for my reports? 

Inspection reports are delivered within 24 hours of the building inspection being completed; however,  99% of our reports are sent on the evening of the property inspection.

Do the reports include photos?

The report will include plenty of photos for transparency of any issues found.

Will you talk me through the report?

We follow up all clients the day after the inspection is carried out to discuss any concerns that you may have.

What is included in the report? 

The building report has a major and minor defect summary with recommendations and a general overall condition of the house.  The pest report also lists defective conditions conducive to termites as well as recommendations. Many clients use the report as a job list for after purchase and as a negotiation tool. You may also be interested in reading our blog post - What does a building inspector check?

Are you insured?

Safeguard Inspections is fully insured through Wallace Risk Solutions.

What happens if the inspection finds considerable defects?

If defects are found during the property inspection, Safeguard Inspections will explain their significance with regards to the property and make recommendations to rectify.

Do you inspect the roof and roof space? 

The external roof is inspected, but only if it can be safely reached from a 3.6m ladder. For some two-storey homes, this means the roof is inspected from a safe distance.   Roof voids are always inspected as long as there is an acceptable access hatch to enter through.

What happens if tenants have their furniture in the way?

Properties are inspected as is and Safeguard Inspections do not relocate existing furniture.

Can I attend the inspection with you?

Yes, of course! We prefer our clients to attend inspections so we can clearly explain any issues found on site.  We understand that this cannot always happen and instead ask our clients to make the time for us to talk once the report has been emailed, to discuss any issues found.

How long does an inspection usually take? 

A building inspection can take anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours depending on the size of the property and its condition.

I don't understand building terminology very well. Will you explain it to me? 

All aspects of the property inspection will be clearly explained, as long as you are willing to listen and are not afraid to ask questions.

What services do you offer?

Visit our services page for various building inspections in Brisbane.

Sound good?

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