Why You Shouldn’t Buy a New Home Without an Independent Building Inspector

You can’t see what lurks in the dark.

The only way to make sure your home is structurally sound and adheres to building regulations is to hire an independent building inspector. That’s where we come in!

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Get a second opinion from a private building inspector.

You might be wondering, “do I even need a building inspection?” To you, everything looks fine. But it’s not enough that things are upright and pretty. The bones and foundations of the structure need to be done right and building regulations followed, or those nice things will be ripped apart and fixed sooner than you think!

A private building inspector provides professional building and pest inspections to give you peace of mind that your property is safe and compliant with all Australian standards. They tell you what repairs need to be done before you buy, what repairs can wait until later, and advise how best to prepare your new home for the future. Building inspectors can tell you if there are any hidden problems with your home, whether it’s a termite infestation, a faulty roof, or a leaky kitchen pipe. Unless you are a builder yourself, an independent building and pest inspection is a must. An unbiased inspection by a private house inspector will save you a lot of stress, heartache and money.

Safely navigate the pitfalls of Australian home ownership.

This isn’t even necessarily entirely about dodgy practices; it can be about simple human error.  There are a lot of tradies, contractors and sub-contractors involved in building a single home.  Monitoring their work at every moment isn’t easy.

We all make mistakes, no matter what our occupation!  You’d have someone check the draft of an important report for spelling, grammar, and data errors.  Why wouldn’t you have someone cast a fresh eye over your costly investment, just in case?

Get an unbiased report.

Avoid vendor reports and use a private building inspector instead. Why? It’s because most of the time these vendor reports have been arranged by the real estate agent, in favour of the vendor. These reports are known to play down or overlook problems with the property so the sale of the property isn’t affected. The keyword here is INDEPENDENT.  You have the right to an unbiased inspection by a private home inspector to protect your investment.

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Local means knowledge when you’re a private building inspector.

In this digital age, it’s not unheard of for professionals to take the opportunity to travel around the country, offering their services wherever they go.  And their services may be excellent, but do they know the issues specific to the area you live?

Building and pest inspection Wynnum Manly is our speciality, as building inspectors in Brisbane and surrounds, we are locals and know this area well. When you book a building inspection, it is your best bet to hire a local for ensuring issues aren’t missed!

Forward-thinking technology.

A private building inspector that uses drone technology for your building inspection is an added benefit to your building inspection. A drone building inspection means ‘all bases covered’, by inspecting areas of a property that are otherwise inaccessible by foot instead of just leaving them off the inspection. We are proud to offer this service at Safeguard Inspections, but not all independent building inspectors do, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Cheaper in the long run.

You might cringe at an independent building inspector cost.  You’ve got so many plans for your potential new home, you want to save your pennies. However, you’ll find that the cost of an independent inspection is surprisingly low – and a LOT less than the cost of pulling apart and fixing compounding damage issues within your home. For example, they might find that your plumbing is leaking or your foundation needs repair. It usually costs a lot less to find these issues when they are small rather than when they are large!

Be protected.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) warns to always have a qualified private building inspector check the property before purchase; they advise that it be included as a clause in the purchase or build contract. Where it might be tempting to go with the cheapest building inspector you find, they may not necessarily be the best qualified or experienced.

When seeking an independent building inspector in Brisbane, check that they are appropriately licensed, up to date with Australian building codes and best practices and fully insured because they are liable for any errors or defects they miss. Don’t be afraid to ask for the private building inspectors documentation. It’s also a good idea to check Brisbane building inspection companies recommendations on places like Google or by word of mouth.

Get your property checked by an independent building inspector before it’s too late.

Protect your investment.

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