Building and Pest Inspection Cost: What You Need To Know

The old adage, ‘You get what you pay for’, is accurate, particularly where building and pest inspection cost is concerned.  All too often, home buyers and owners seek out the cheapest quote to trim costs – but take caution, with a cheap building and pest inspection, there is the potential for some serious defects to be missed.

Questions to ask in addition to building and pest inspection prices

Here are some vital questions you need (and are well within your right) to ask before choosing the right Brisbane building and pest inspection company:

Are they qualified?

It’s easy to assume that the person you’re hiring is a qualified and experienced building inspector, however, it is best to ask!

How long have they worked in the construction industry?  What is their experience?  How about formal qualifications?  Most building inspectors are licensed builders – is yours?

What service are they actually offering?

Never assume that all inspections and building inspection companies are the same. Some may not include pest inspection, pre-purchase inspections differ to handover inspections; other building inspections in Brisbane may not even include follow up support or detailed reports. And do they allow you to attend the inspection?

Ask your prospective inspector to list EXACTLY what is included in their quoted inspection so that you can make a well-informed comparison before choosing. You can view the inspection services we offer on our building inspection services page.

What do other customers say?

Thanks to modern technology, customer reviews are just a click away!  Do a bit of digging on Google to see if former customers offer high praise.  Look for comments with detail rather than, “Company X was great, thanks!”.   Seek out building and pest inspection Brisbane reviews that outline what was so great about them, such as their detailed reports and patient explanations of defects. You can see our Google reviews here.

Are they insured?

Insurance is incredibly important!  In the least, your building inspector should hold:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – to cover poor advice or services provided to you; and
  • Public Liability – to cover any damage they may inadvertently cause to your property (or someone else’s!) during an inspection.

You can ask the inspector to show you their insurance documentation.


Does the building inspector make you feel comfortable and confident?

This might seem trivial, but if you feel uneasy or unsure in any way, go with your gut. The best building and pest inspection in Brisbane is usually performed by an independent building inspector rather than one referred by a third party.  You need to know who you are dealing with and be confident they have your best interests in mind.

One investor summed it up well after a bad experience: “… I didn’t know who did the report and I didn’t feel I could ask that person questions.”

After hiring an independent building inspector, a significant defect was identified but then denied by the real estate agent.  The investor wisely backed out, escaping a 3.5-million-dollar headache. Now, how’s that for peace of mind?

If you’re seeking an idea on building and pest inspection Brisbane cost, check out our FAQ page for our cost guidelines or, if you’d like to discuss building and pest inspection cost, GIVE US A CALL TODAY!

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