Wooden House vs Brick House – Which One is Suitable For You

Compared to the Stone age era, the conditions of human lives have gotten so much better. The lifestyle of man has drastically evolved and there are changes all around us like no one could have ever imagined.

Just think about how earlier men used to live in caves. But now, we can’t think of surviving as much as a whole day in a cave. We are so used to living in our houses. Well, people have different preferences when it comes to houses too and no, we are not talking about 2 bedroom house and 3 bedroom house.  

We are talking about the very basics of a house – its structure. Some people prefer living in wooden houses whereas others have an inclination towards houses made of brick. Now, that we think about it, what exactly is the difference between a wooden house and a brick house? Let’s discuss these differences in detail in this article today.

Queenslander home with stumps

Wooden House vs Brick House

Deciding which kind of house would be suitable for you can be quite confusing. To make this decision-making process a bit less complex, we are going to see how a wooden house is different from a brick house in aspects like durability, maintenance, aesthetic looks, potential hazards, and similar factors. So let’s dive into it-

1. Durability

Well, it is a close match. It is difficult to decide which house offers better durability.

Houses that are made of wood provide impact insulation due to the structure of the wood material. This impact insulation results in long-lasting houses.

However, houses that are made of bricks are well known for longevity too. Brick Houses don’t rot easily and the best part is you don’t even need to paint a brick house immediately after the installation process.

brick construction

2. Maintenance

The most disappointing fact about brick houses is that any underlying problem with the house’s structure will require us to solve the whole root of the problem which increases repair and maintenance costs. Apart from that, the maintenance costs are not high. But yes, there’s a significant difference between these costs and the maintenance costs that wooden houses take up. Since wooden houses are also believed to last longer than brick houses it is a direct implication that their maintenance is going to be easy compared to that of brick houses.

3. Aesthetic Looks

It is a well known saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but honestly, are we really capable of not being deceived by appearances at first look? Not really, right? This is why no matter what facilities people have inside their houses they want their homes to look beautiful when somebody views from outside.

 Now that we are talking about wooden houses and brick houses a question that can strike your mind is– “Which one looks better?”. Well, this greatly depends on your preference and the concept that you are going for. For modern stylish looks, wooden houses can be styled in a lot of various ways than brick houses.

However, if you are a fan of history, art, and stuff like that, you’d love to get a brick house for yourself.

4. Better Resale Value

Whenever making huge life decisions, it is always best to consider the future and plan accordingly. For instance, before you get a house you should already think about a circumstance where you resell the house. In that case, you’d definitely want to own a house that has a higher resale value.

Between wooden houses and brick houses, brick houses generally have better resale value and hence people considering reselling their property often go for brick houses.

5. Downside Of Living in a Wooden House

Health is Wealth, right? So no problem even if we are not sure about the resale value of a house but what we need to be 100 percent sure about is that it is safe and healthy for us to live in that house.

With wooden houses, pests are the most troublesome creatures that not only cause damage to the wood but also are responsible for poor hygiene.

bearers and joists

Pros and Cons of Brick House

The pros and cons of a brick house depend on the type of home you live in. Brick houses have many advantages, such as durability, insulation, fire resistance, and long-term value. They are also aesthetically pleasing and help create a warm atmosphere. On the other hand, brick houses can be costly to construct and maintain due to the need for periodic repairs and maintenance.

Furthermore, they may also be difficult to heat or cool due to their high thermal mass. Additionally, bricks can become stained over time and require regular cleaning to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Despite these drawbacks, a brick house is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable home that will last for many years.

Pros and Cons of Wooden House

Wooden houses have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, they are very durable and can last long if maintained properly. They also have a warm, natural aesthetic that many people find appealing.

Wooden houses are also energy efficient, as they provide excellent insulation against cold and heat. Additionally, construction costs tend to be lower than those of brick or stone homes.

On the downside, wooden homes require regular maintenance in order to keep them in good condition. This includes periodic staining or painting to protect the wood from weathering and insect damage.

Additionally, wooden homes can be more vulnerable to fire than other types of homes due to their combustible nature. Finally, they can be more expensive to insure due to their susceptibility to fire damage.

Which One Should You Buy?

We have discussed almost all aspects regarding wooden and brick houses and the discussion is enough for us to reach a conclusion as to which house would be suitable for you. Now, when it comes to answering questions like this, there’s not simply just black and white and we need to look in the gray. The reality is for every individual it differs what kind of house will suit them best.

The best advice you can get is by consulting a Pre-Purchase Building Inspector before making any decision. A professional inspector like Ben, Would have all the necessary knowledge of the buildings and they could provide you with key information about the house.

Pre Purchase Building inspection report consists of in-depth analysis of the house’s built quality and future hazards it may hold. So before making any important decision, It is highly advisable to contact a professional.